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Gym Amenities That Make EōS Your Best Bet

Joining a gym can be a big decision with many factors to consider. You not only want a facility that’s convenient and affordable, but one that will also help you achieve your fitness goals and make you feel supported in the process. But what other things should you consider when searching for a gym? Learn more about what makes a good gym environment and which gym amenities you should seek out.

What Makes a Good Gym Environment

When you think of a good gym environment, what comes to mind? Depending on your fitness goals, workout routine, and lifestyle, what’s considered a “good gym” will likely vary from person to person. Tour a few gyms and you’ll notice which gym amenities rise to the top as must-haves, and which features may simply be standard. Alternatively, if you’re just getting started along your health and wellness journey, you may not be as familiar with gym amenities and what to look out for when seeking out a place to join. Continue reading to learn more about what to look for in a good gym environment. Plus, check out Jess’s experience below to see why EōS Fitness is the perfect fit for everyone.

Evaluating Gym Amenities

Evaluating fitness centers can be challenging, but not if you have an idea of what to look for in your new favorite gym. When you visit to learn more about memberships and take a tour, make sure you first take a good look at the space. Is it efficiently utilized, or does it seem like there is too much or too little equipment? 

You should also take note of the types of equipment and whether it can be easily accessed. For example, on leg day, it’s really convenient to have the leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and squat rack located together to be able to maximize your time at the gym. The same goes with other equipment that you’d normally use in a single workout session. When you’re evaluating the equipment, also note its condition as you’d preferably want to have the best quality equipment and machines that are able to accommodate your fitness goals and push you to your limit.

Another consideration when evaluating a gym environment is the atmosphere. Does it feel like there is a strong sense of community there? Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned gym-goer, a fitness community can make a world of difference toward improving your health. Part of the atmosphere also includes the staff. Are they friendly and educated, and does the gym have Personal Trainers available when needed?

A good gym environment will also be inclusive. In addition to welcoming people of all ages, shapes, and differences, it should also have a variety of equipment and group fitness classes to suit every need and allow members to vary their workout as they see fit.

If you’ve already gotten to this point in considering a particular gym, you’ve probably also looked at its hours, location, and membership cost to see if those factors will fit into your busy schedule and budget. 

Gym Amenities at EōS Fitness

In addition to hitting on all the points of what makes a good gym environment like the equipment availability and atmosphere, the amenities at EōS are second to none. Giving Members the best possible fitness experience at the best price is the priority, and EōS continues to make improvements and additions to make its gyms not just a place to work out, but a place to belong.

One of the awesome gym amenities you’ll find at EōS is The Yard. It’s not just any yard though, it’s an indoor functional training area designed to kick your training up a notch and change-up your routine with sled pushes, battle ropes, box jumps, and much more. What’s the deal with functional training, you ask? As opposed to isolation exercises focused on certain muscle groups like arms, back, or legs, functional training focuses on movement patterns and strengthens your core muscles and multiple joints, which helps enhance your daily activities. Remember playing on the monkey bars as a kid? The EōS Yard can be just as fun—and challenging—as those childhood play times and have a great impact on your fitness goals, while staying out of the heat.

The EoS Yard: Functional Training Area

Another great amenity that you’ll find exclusively at EōS locations is the MOVEōS Cinema. In addition to the many cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, and bikes, the MOVEōS Cinema is an additional cardio room with a movie screen and dimmed lights (just like your favorite theater), enabling you to catch a movie while you’re sweating it out on the machines. Immersing yourself in the full movie experience allows you to get a great workout session and burn some serious calories.

MOVEoS cinema

Aqua Fitness class variety is another amenity that makes EōS your best bet when it comes to joining a gym. EōS has 12 different water fitness classes to get your heart pumping, protect your joints, and get a full-body workout. From more active-intensity classes like AquaZumba® and H2O Bootcamp to slower-paced Slow Flow H2O and Aqua Yoga, you’re sure to find a water fitness class you love at EōS. Plus, there are many other group fitness classes available outside of the pool, so try one of the 60+ weekly classes today. 

Each EōS Fitness location is unique and packs tons of amazing gym amenities into your fitness experience. The popularity of VR Fitness continues to grow, and with it comes the availability of the EōS VR Fitness Experience at select locations. You’ll also find basketball courts, the Back Yard outdoor workout area, a Flite Zone 20-minute full body circuit, and saunas available across many EōS locations.

If you travel frequently or would like to visit different gyms near your home or office, the Blue and Black EōS Memberships give you access to multiple clubs, so you’re able to try new equipment, or sample different classes. Not a regular traveler? With the EōS Black Membership you also have access to Les Mills Virtual Classes so you can workout at home, anytime. 

To learn more about the gym amenities at EōS and experience them for yourself, stop by your local EōS Fitness for a Complimentary 7-Day Pass

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