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level up your fitness routine with an entertaining workout that will COMPLETELY kick your ass.

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transform your life through addictive fitness experiences that harness the power of immersive technologies.

VR fitness experience
virtual reality + strength training.
now available at select locations!
Dynamic resistance machine that pairs with virtual reality.

Using StreamVR technology, experience the world’s first “hands-free” VR controllers. Now, you can interact with the VR environment without holding controllers and grab resistance handles in a natural and unobstructed way.


Being immersed in virtual reality lowers the pain ratings of strenuous activities, helping you push past limits. this is fitness you can actually enjoy.

dynamic resistance machine.

pairs with VR to create a PARADIGM shift for workouts and fitness as you know it. automatically changes the weight you lift based on your personal goals and performance.

30 minutes feels like 10.

immersive experiences can change time perception, making workouts feel like the blink of an eye.

ai progresses you, automatically.

rep ranges and resistance levels auto-adjust for you. ai and machine learning progress you while tracking your movements and correcting your form. efficiently build muscle and lose fat.

EōS is proud to announce the exclusive launch of the VR Fitness Experience at:

  • Oceanside: Palm Tree Plaza – NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Peoria: Thunderbird – NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Tempe: Warner Rd./I-10 – NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Surprise: Litchfield/Waddell – COMING SOON!
Take your workout to the next level!
2x / Week
3x / Week
EōS VR Fitness Experience
$19.99/bi-weekly $29.99/bi-weekly $39.99/bi-weekly

Intro to resistance training, addition to normal fitness routine







Efficient, 30-minute, full-body workouts X X X
Personalized and calibrated to each individual X X X
Unlimited E-Volt Total Body Scans and Nutritional Profile Progress Checks X X X
Earn gear, rewards & upgrades by completing weekly & monthly Quests X X
Experience optimal fitness results, gain overall strength & lose fat, recover between workouts X X
Streak bonus when you stay on track! X
Best value to maximize results X
Workout frequently to quickly add & customize your Avatar X
Priority booking: (30 days vs. 7 days) to secure preferred time slot X
10 Free Heroic Chests Per Month (6-8 champion cards per Heroic Chest) X
1 million coins per month: helps strategize to eliminate competition X
Focus on strength and dialing in fitness goals X

*All term agreements roll over to a month-to-month

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