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Popular Group Fitness Classes for 2023

Everyone’s workout routine needs an extra kick every now and then. There are few better ways to get motivated and boost your routine than joining a Group Fitness Class. Between the extra motivation from instructors, the chance to learn new skills, and the added elements of excitement and fun, there’s a lot you can gain. With a variety of different types of fitness classes, from strength training to water fitness, you’re sure to find a class that aligns with your fitness goals.


Group Fitness Classes are more than just something to do at the gym—they provide you with the opportunity to engage in a unique and fulfilling workout, no matter what type of fitness class you choose. Some of the great benefits of Group Fitness Classes include:

  • Added Motivation: Accountability can be a challenge for everyone, and some days it’s easy to fall off track and lose motivation. However, when you’re surrounded by others with the same goal, it helps boost your energy.
  • Variation: Variety is key with any workout routine. Whether you want to spice up your routine or use your muscles in a different way, Group Fitness Classes are the top-notch choice.
  • New Skills: Group Fitness Classes are about the classes just as much as the fitness, which means you have access to workouts created by trained professionals, expanding your exercise toolbelt.
  • Fun: Yes, exercising is about getting into shape, but it should also include having a good time. Group Fitness Classes can help break up some of the monotony in your workouts, while also providing a fun opportunity to workout with your fitness community.


Once you discover the benefits of  Group Fitness Classes, you’ll be itching to know where to start. Since there are so many different types of Group Fitness Classes, there’s  something for everyone and plenty of reasons to get excited about your next workout. Take a look below at some of the best and most popular Group Fitness Classes at EōS Fitness


Strength training doesn’t have to mean becoming a bodybuilder. Everyone can benefit from strengthening muscle groups for better posture, support, and ease in daily activities. Whether you want to tone your muscles or boost their capability, the right strength training class is an excellent starting point.

A Les Mills BodyPump™ class incorporates a barbell to challenge your muscles with classic full-body exercises like squats, presses, lifts, and curls. Combined with energetic music and the ability to choose your preferred weight, this class gives you a refreshing pump that also helps you reach your goals. The Les Mills Bodypump™ Express class provides a shorter, fast-paced session that is sure to work up a sweat. 

If you have a target area that you want to focus on, EōS Fitness offers several different classes  to do just that. Other strength classes include Down Low, Booty Up, Bellies & Butts, Sexy Arms, and many more.


Cycling classes offer a great combination of cardio endurance and strength training, and EōS Cycle is the perfect example. This hour-long cycling class will get your heart pumping, during an intense ride as you move with the music. If you are short on time, no sweat! Take the express class option for a quicker but equally challenging workout.

You can also choose from several other group cycling class options to fit the pace and experience that you are looking for. Ride 101 is perfect for beginners adjusting to the basics, while a class like Les Mills Sprint™ brings high intensity that more advanced riders are looking for. 


BANG™ provides an energetic cardio exercise experience like no other. This mixed fitness class fuses elements from boxing, aerobics, intervals, hip hop, world dance, and body weight training. Set to high-energy music, the class keeps you moving from start to finish, giving you a workout that will leave you feeling like you’ve achieved your fitness goal for the day.

At EōS Fitness, we offer several types of cardio-focused classes, like Cardio Blast, EōS Kickboxing, and Les Mills Bodycombat™.


EōS Boot Camp combines elements of strength training and cardio exercise geared toward getting you in the best shape possible. This class focuses on your all-around fitness, targeting your coordination, strength, agility, endurance, speed, and power. Even better, the workouts are constantly varied so that your body is challenged each time.

Other classes that blend strength & cardio at EōS include Strong Zumba®, EōS Tough Warrior, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).


When looking for a way to improve your holistic health, you can never go wrong with yoga. Yoga offers many potential health benefits, like increased flexibility, better attentiveness, and improved energy. Yoga is also excellent for beginners because it is a low-impact exercise. A typical yoga class guides you through several poses that emphasize strength, balance, and flexibility while allowing you to center yourself into a calming state. 

At EōS Fitness, we offer multiple options for classes that focus on mind, body, and stretch, each providing a different workout style. Other examples include calming Meditative Yoga, Tai Chi, and YogaBeat.


Dancing is not only a ton of fun but also a great workout. When you take a dance fitness class, you can combine both benefits, taking your workout up a notch. MIXXED Fit™ is the perfect example of just how fun exercise can be. This 60-minute class features an exciting blend of dance moves set to hip, lively beats. The movements are exaggerated, explosive, and energetic, so you can expect to have a heart-pumping workout.

If dance fitness classes are up your alley, you can also enjoy a traditional Zumba® class, target your core with Hot Hula®, or join the party in an EōS Dance Party class.


Aqua Zumba® is a high-energy, invigorating class that gets the blood flowing, bringing all the excitement from Zumba® into the pool. Water aerobics help provide a unique workout too, making your body feel lighter and more flexible, while also providing resistance.

Between all the splashing and jumping around, it’s also a ton of fun—so much fun that it’s almost like an entire pool party at the gym. This class is a great option when you aren’t in the workout mood, as once you get started, you won’t even realize how many calories you’re burning.

Aqua Zumba® is not the only water fitness class available at EōS Fitness either. Other options are (HIIT) & Wet, Aqua Yoga, and Dance Waves.


Group Fitness Classes provide an unmatched opportunity to enjoy a new activity and diversify your workout without compromising your exercise goals. Even better, there are so many options that it’s easy to find a class that will get you excited to mix up your routine.

At EōS Fitness, we offer dozens of different types of fitness classes, so there will always be something for you. Find a Group Fitness Class near you and start exploring your options so you can enjoy a workout that’ll get you pumped, motivated, and excited to come back for more.

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