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Duane is a native of Ohio where he graduated from Youngstown State University.  Fitness has been his been his profession for the past 17 years and a passion all his life. From collegiate football, to body building and competitive strongman, Duane has continued to make fitness part of his personal life. Duane comes to the Phoenix area by way of Knoxville, TN and Los Angeles, CA and has worked with Lifetime Fitness, Golds Gym and Performance Training Inc before joining the EoS Fitness team.

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My career in the health and fitness industry started back in 2003. From Training,to Managing,to Vice Presidential positions; my immense passion for fitness has never wavered. I view fitness as a vocation rather than an occupation. Though I have been a part of growing and expanding other organizations throughout my career, I am extremely excited to be a part of the journey of building EOS Fitness into a National brand.


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